Artisan bakers are masters of their craft, shaping loaves of bread by hand, and only using the essential bread ingredients: flour, water, yeast, salt and most importantly, time, whilst typically using a wood-fired oven


Joy! Artisanal baking is not merely functional. It involves a journey of developing passion, pride, excitement, and an appreciation for the mystery enveloped in every bake. Artisanal baking takes patience and hands-on hard work.


It’s not just pressing a button but learning to know and understand how temperature affects different baked goods. Using an off-the-grid wood-burning oven means our bakers must always keep one eye on the dough and one eye on the flame. It forges a beautiful romance between the baker and the baked goods.


Our bakers get to learn the art behind Patisseries. We teach the necessary skills to bake authentic French croissants, pastries and cakes and let’s not forget about world-famous English scones.


The starting point for all bread is to make a dough by combining four essential ingredients: flour, water, yeast and salt. But the secret ingredient is time. Time separates artisanal baking from the mass-produced bread we find in supermarkets.


From farm - to bakery- to oven, we use only raw, naturally organic, simple, high quality and locally sourced ingredients, such as stone-ground flour with no disagreeable chemicals.


Our training is not just about baking skills but developing a sense of achievement, rising confidence, and validation. Every baker gets to take home 10% of what they’ve baked every day to share their reward with their family and friends.


Graduated Bakers to date.

“Good bread is the most fundamentally satisfying of all foods; and good bread with fresh butter, the greatest of feasts.”

– James Beard


The SOZO Foundation-Lithan 2022 Hi

My name is Lythin, I’m 22 years old and from Zimbabwe. I grew up in Capricorn Community from the age of 10 years old. The way you view your community is up to you, it can either tear you upside down or bring the best out of you. I used to work opposite The Sozo Foundation at the local car wash and always saw students coming in and out. After speaking to one of the students and being told about the courses, I thought I’m going to try it out and decided to do the Baking and Barista training. I experienced Sozo to be a loving place, you can go to Sozo in a bad mood but as soon as you walk through the gate your whole mood changes. Sozo has prepared me to be a very good Barista, I am able to work under pressure. They taught me to work neatly and to always be friendly to customers. I feel so confident in my ability that I can work anywhere and be able to do a good job.

After completing my training at Sozo I was applying for different jobs but to my surprise, I got a call from Sozo to come to this Café for an interview, and I got the job!

I want to make a positive change in my community and tell more people about Sozo. One day when I make it, I want to sponsor Sozo. Sozo turns lives around and makes a positive impact on communities’ lives. My motivation for the youth is to always pay it forward and not to look back!