Hairdressers are charming and charismatic individuals, excellent listeners with artistic gifting to transform your hair from grunge to glam through various cutting, colouring, texturizing and ethnic techniques


Washing a client’s hair before styling ensures that the hair is clean and free of styling products, dirt, and oil, this means the hair will be easier to manage during a haircut or treatment. Hair washing involves using the correct products, washing techniques, massaging of the scalp, water temperature management and ensuring hair is rinsed thoroughly.


A blow dryer can cause damage to hair if not used properly. Fortunately, all that is needed is some practice, patience, and the right tools to get your hair looking fabulous. Our hairdressers learn the basic techniques which allow them to express the client’s sense of style while maintaining the health of the hair.


Hair colouring involves the use of chemicals capable of removing, replacing, and covering up pigments naturally found inside the hair shaft. Our hairdressers practice various colouring techniques such as highlighting, dip-dying, ombre and colour melting.


Haircutting is a skill that requires time, practice, and patience to master. Before masterfully executing every haircut, you must acquire a set of necessary skills such as shaving, shearing, trimming, layering, framing, and combing.


Regardless of texture, colour or style, there’s one thing that everyone wants: hair that looks healthy, shiny and beautiful. Our hairdressers learn about industry-quality products and how to apply various styling treatments.


Straightening is a hair styling technique used since the 1890s involving the flattening and straightening of hair to give it a smooth, streamlined and sleek appearance. If the correct method is not applied, it can cause damage. Our students spend hours practising and using industry-standard heat protectant sprays.


Hairdressing graduates to date.
“Hairdresser: An artist whose work is always on display.” – Anonymous


Zoe Hendricks 2022 Hi Res

Zoe Hendricks from Mitchells Plain joined the Sozo Hair Skills School in 2020. While studying at Sozo and after also completing the course, Zoe worked at a hair salon in Mitchells Plain. Then in 2022, when her contracted ended, Sozo invited Zoe to join the Facilitator team as a full-time intern.

Zoe’s goal for her future is to become an entrepreneur so with the Sozo internship savings fund, Zoe booked her learner driver’s license and purchased two salon chairs, hairbrushes, flat iron, and a card payment machine. At the end of her internship, Zoe was promoted to Junior Hair Trainer and will be training her successor. Zoe says “Before becoming an Intern at Sozo, I was shy and unsure of how to run a classroom, but with the responsibility entrusted to me, I have become more assertive, confident, and ambitious.”