Kingdom Builders is a social enterprise maintenance and construction crew that seek to train and employ unemployed youth through its apprenticeship programme

We have also established a sustainable partnership with False Bay College and have seen two cohorts of interns successfully complete the advanced training and go on to study at False Bay College to pursue further education and training in various fields, such as plumbing, electrical and engineering. False Bay College provides our students with bursaries. We have also partnered with local business Lavender Lifestyle Homes for renovation projects.

The social enterprise falls under the Sozo Foundation as an income-generating entity, which provides essential income. The team currently comprises a master builder, Cecil John and 5 artisans who are all local Cape Flats residents, 5 interns who are construction skills school graduates and 7 skills school students who are learning on real construction sites.

In 2022 the team completed 39 individual construction and DIY projects, including house renovations, wall building, tiling and plumbing. In total these created a turnover of just over R1m.

Genesis Incubation Hub Renovation -In 2022 Kingdom Builders Team completely renovated Sozo’s new empty building into a state-of-the-art Incubation Hub for Genesis, Entrepreneurship Programme for youth-owned business development.


Cecil John is the Construction Skills Master Trainer at Sozo. He is a rehabilitated gang member and started his own Engineering Building Contracting Company, Cechen Engineering in 2006. Cecil is a founding member of The Sozo Foundation and has been a Board Member since 2011. He has a heart for young men living in the Cape Flats who are caught in the cycle of gangsterism.


The Sozo Foundation’s innovative internship programme is a unique offering to graduates of our vocational skills development programme that are designed to be not only offering vital work experience and a livable stipend but for the personal, financial and career development of young people.

We currently have 2 full-time interns in the Kingdom Builders Team. These are young leaders, leading young people and their peers.

We are passionate about seeing these young people develop and as such offer a range of training and workshops throughout their year with Sozo. This includes first aid training, child protection training, financial literacy, learners’ driver’s licenses, Heartstyles and critical conversations courses, as well as job readiness workshops. Through our individual Career Development plans, we regularly check in with our interns and the development towards their goals. Some of our interns want to study further, some want to start their own micro-businesses and some are still unsure. We work with each young person to guide them in their journey.

We run a compulsory Career and Personal Development Savings Fund, with a minimum of 10% of the intern’s stipend being kept in a separate account and only to be used with an application request form and interview. These savings are used for gaining accreditations in their preferred field of future employment, applying for further education opportunities and attending training courses.


We currently partner with Lavender Lifestyle Homes, a home renovation company. Here is a video on one of the projects Kingdom Builders completed last year –


Tyriq Stewart is one of our Kingdom Builders Interns. Tyriq completed the Sozo Construction Skills School in 2019 and now works with our Kingdom Builders Team to gain work experience and expand his construction skills. Tyriq is the only income earner in his household. He also cares for his mother, who is unable to work due to her ill health, and his brother (who is currently attending the Construction Skills School). Tyriq’s dream is to become a professional artisan one day and start a plumbing or electrical business of his own.