We believe youth are the solution to a youth problem

The Sozo Foundation is a nonprofit organisation founded in 2011.

Through our Education, Skills Training, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise programmes, we’re changing the narrative of youth unemployment in Vrygrond, Cape Town.

What started as an after-school tutoring programme for high school learners, has evolved into a multi-focussed and holistic approach to education, skills training, and resilience-building.

The result?

Young people are mastering skills and trades, accessing employment opportunities previously inaccessible.

High school learners are passing with distinction, going on to tertiary education.

Vibrant businesses are starting, providing households with a consistent source of income for the first time, ever!

These are the ripple effects of our work, and we would love you to be part of changing the tide of youth unemployment in South Africa.

Our mission is simple

Develop youth employability opportunities

Create pathways for youth to access employment

Equip youth with resilience skills to successfully hold on to employment

Our model is intentional

As a community-based organisation for over a decade, we have developed a unique approach to bridging the divide between the local community and the adjoining economic business park community.

By strategically acquiring two premises in the Capricorn Business Park, our skills and entrepreneurship centres are based inside a place of work, and students are training for their respective jobs and businesses of the future.

This means that young people now have access to an economic environment that was previously unavailable, which opens up a whole new world of potential, opportunities, and possibilities for them.

Through our model, we've created a hyper-local community ecosystem

Local youth employing, training, leading and recruiting youth.

Our context is complex

Vrygrond is a vibrant and multi-cultural township community in the Cape Flats of Cape Town, South Africa.

One of the oldest informal settlements in the Cape, Vrygrond was originally a fishermen’s village. Today, Vrygrond is home to a diverse but impoverished community of people from across the Cape, South Africa and the African continent.

With over 45,000 people living in this one square kilometre of land, the community faces several challenges, such as gang activity, unemployment, overpopulation, shack fires, volatility, gender-based violence (GBV), and extreme poverty.

Our impact is measurable

- 2023 -

Youth Livelihoods Directly Impacted Positively


High School Pass Rate

50 %

Employment Placement Rate

Youth employed by The Sozo Foundation

R m+

Self Generated Income


Our Tribe is essential

Our work wouldn’t be possible without our dedicated team, the Sozo Tribe. Over 75% of our staff are from the local community. We are passionate about raising role models from within the community.

For our work to be sustainable for years to come, forming deep and lasting relationships with community members is essential. This is why the Sozo Foundation will always have a community based footprint in Cape Town. We are part of the Vrygrond community and the Vrygrond community is part of us.

Our systems are robust

As an organisation, we are continuously striving for innovative thinking in our systems, resulting in simpler, smoother, smarter processes to maximise capacity with excellent efficiency.

Our partners are friends

Through the support of donors, in-kind contributors and partners, the Sozo Foundation is able to collaborate to see the community of Vrygrond transformed. A big thank you to all of our donors and partners for your ongoing support. 

Our Impact Reports are a celebration

Dive into our latest Annual Report to see the difference we’re making in Vrygrond. Packed with inspiring stories, achievements, and the progress of our programmes, it’s a testament to how far we’ve come—and where we’re headed.