Entrepreneurship Programme

Nurturing young entrepreneurs

In an economic landscape where youth unemployment is astronomically high, we are going against the tide.

Through the Entrepreneurship Programme at our Genesis Hub, young people are equipped with the tools and resources they need to establish their own businesses, and create employment for others. 

Turning the tide of unemployment & poverty

This initiative is not just about fostering economic growth; it’s a comprehensive approach to turning the tide for young individuals who have faced educational setbacks, unemployment, or lack of training.

By equipping them with the tools to start their own micro-businesses, the Entrepreneurship Programme is shaping young minds from being passive members of society to self-sufficient, inspired, and contributing pillars of the community.


100 youth-owned businesses established over the next ten years, with each business employing at least one other young person.

The programme

At the core of this initiative is the Incubation Hub, designed as an economic development tool to nurture new businesses.

Recognising that small businesses face unique challenges due to their size and newness, the programme offers a supportive environment enriched with services like business and marketing plan development, access to funds, professional services, and shared equipment.

The Incubation Hub’s strategy revolves around five key service areas: one-on-one business mentoring, access to a physical incubation space, workshops and training in various business disciplines, psycho-social support, and crucially, access to the internet and safe office space.

This multi-faceted approach ensures that young entrepreneurs are not only equipped with the necessary business skills but are also supported in their personal development and mental health, crucial aspects for success in the volatile and crime-ridden environments they often operate in.

One-On-One Business Coaching
Access To Incubation Hub Space
Workshops & Training
Instant Peer Support Network
Psycho-Social Support

The entrepreneurial journey at Genesis Hub

Participants in the Entrepreneurship Programme embark on a comprehensive journey that begins with ideation and culminates in the establishment of a fully functional business.

This journey is facilitated through access to the Growthwheel business accelerator tool, which, coupled with weekly coaching sessions, helps maintain accountability towards business goals.

The programme also offers small enterprise development grants to cover specific business needs, thereby lowering the barriers to entry for these aspiring entrepreneurs.

In 2023, the programme piloted with 15 microbusinesses, marking the beginning of what is envisioned to be a transformative journey for many more.

- 2023 -



Youth Owned Businesses Registered


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