Social Enterprises

Sustainability through self-generated income

We’re not just dreaming of a better future; we’re building it, one young life at a time.

Our enterprises, Kingdom Builders and Dancing Goat Roastery, are more than just business ventures; they are platforms for transformation, providing post-skills-training youth with apprenticeships and on-the-job training in their respective industries.

With a goal to generate 10% of our nonprofit’s income through these enterprises, we’re committed to creating sustainable pathways for young people to gain the skills and networks needed for a lifetime of meaningful work.

Social Enterprises

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Kingdom Builders

Maintenance & Construction Enterprise

Kingdom Builders is a testament to what can be achieved when opportunity meets ambition.

This social enterprise maintenance and construction crew is not only about building structures but also about laying the foundations for young people’s futures.

By offering apprenticeships, we train and employ unemployed youth, giving them a chance to learn from experienced professionals.

The team currently comprises a master builder, Cecil John and 5 artisans who are all local Cape Flats residents, 5 interns who are construction skills school graduates and 7 skills school students who are learning on real construction sites.

Our partnership with False Bay College and local businesses like Lavender Lifestyle Homes has enabled us to offer advanced training, internships, and real-world project experience.

In 2022 alone, our team completed 39 projects, generating over R1 million in turnover and transforming an empty building into the state-of-the-art Genesis Incubation Hub.

Through comprehensive career development plans, we ensure each intern is on a path to personal and professional growth, whether that’s further education, starting their own business, or exploring new career opportunities.

Dancing Goat

Roastery & Mobile Coffee Services

Dancing Goat Roastery brings the art of coffee to life, serving as a mobile beacon of hope and opportunity for Vrygrond’s youth.

Staffed by young individuals from the community, our mobile coffee cart does more than serve delicious brews; it’s a classroom on wheels for business, customer service, and teamwork skills.

Our barista facilitators are dedicated to ensuring the highest quality of coffee and training, contributing to the success of every event we cater, from corporate functions to community gatherings.

This initiative not only addresses youth unemployment but also equips our participants with the essential life and business skills needed to navigate their futures confidently.

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Sozo Prop

Property rental & management

Sozo Prop, a social enterprise within the Sozo Foundation, has transformed community development through strategic property investment. With the support of dedicated donors, we’ve acquired commercial properties, using them not just for revenue, but to further our mission. Half of these properties are allocated for the Foundation’s programs, directly supporting our community initiatives.

The enterprise also generates significant income by leasing the remaining spaces to tenants, bringing in over R600k annually. This revenue supports our operations and fuels our community projects. Beyond financial gains, Sozo Prop leverages these properties for Kingdom Builders, offering skill-building and employment opportunities in maintenance and construction, thus reducing costs and empowering community members with valuable work experience.

In essence, Sozo Prop balances financial sustainability with our commitment to social impact, demonstrating a practical approach to using assets for community upliftment and individual empowerment.

Create a better future for youth in South Africa