Anda’s Story

Read Anda's inspiring journey of resilience and determination as she navigates challenges, seizes opportunities, and transforms her life.


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Anda embarked on her Sozo Foundation journey in 2019 as a Grade 10 student, drawn to the supportive environment of the Educentre after-school programme. However, Grade 11 posed unforeseen challenges when her mother lost her job, compelling Anda to step up and take on work to support her family. Determined and resilient, she joined Sweet Loaf, a canteen in Retreat, and ventured into muffin-selling at her school, even working late into the evenings.

Anda’s aspirations leaned towards Hospitality, but financial constraints hindered her path, with no bursaries or aid available. Undeterred, she aced her matric exams with a Bachelor’s pass. While her original plan to study Law fell through, Anda opted for a gap year, persistently saving for her future in hospitality. Just three months after matriculating, she discovered The Sozo Foundation’s Hospitality and Education internship opportunity, despite her hectic work schedule, she seized the chance to apply.

Her successful application marked the beginning of her Sozo Foundation journey in April 2022. Surprisingly, the internship encompassed not only Hospitality and Education but also Tourism. Anda’s decision to join wasn’t fueled by financial motives but by her burning passion to chase her dreams. She was prepared to embrace risks and opportunities wholeheartedly.

At the internship’s outset, Anda and her team actively contributed to its development, guided by mentors like Emily, her Manager, who played a pivotal role in refining her goals. The internship has evolved significantly since Anda’s arrival, promising continuous growth and improvement. It exposed her to facets of the hospitality and tourism industry she hadn’t encountered before.

Beyond culinary skills, Anda and her fellow interns engaged in diverse tourist activities, from wine tasting to cable car rides up Table Mountain and visits to the Aquarium. Their manager encouraged them to discover attractions and organize visits, offering hands-on industry experience. For Anda, who had previously studied Hospitality in high school, this internship was a golden opportunity to put her knowledge into practice.

Completing Heartstyles Training during the internship was particularly valuable, providing self-awareness insights and aiding Anda in recognizing her tendencies towards control and bossiness. Through this self-awareness, she has learned to step back and let others lead. Additionally, hearing her fellow interns’ stories broadened her perspective, fostering empathy for those who faced greater hardships.

Anda’s diligent savings into the Sozo internship fund allowed her to purchase a laptop and plan for driving lessons, contributing to her path to greater independence. Profoundly grateful for her Sozo Foundation team, she considers it a safe space where young people can learn, share life experiences, and grow without judgment.

Working alongside her colleagues, Anda has embarked on an incredible journey and developed a deep bond with her team.


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