Benjamin’s Story


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“I grew up in Vrygrond and moved to Retreat when I was six years old. Life before coming to The Sozo Foundation was very difficult for me. Due to family problems and the teacher’s lack of support and assistance, I had to leave school in the second term of Grade 12. After leaving school, I worked for a short while for my brother’s carpentry business.

This was a challenging time in my life. I felt depressed with feelings of anxiety. I felt as if my life had no purpose. When I first arrived at the Sozo Foundation, I was a quiet and introverted student. After I started building relationships with the staff and students at Sozo, I started warming up and coming out of my shell.

At first, I felt intimidated about having to do mathematics, because I didn’t do that at school. I had a great experience at Sozo, I didn’t only learn academic skills but also grew emotionally. I started being of assistance to my fellow classmates, where I would help in teaching them subjects they don’t understand. After passing all my subjects and graduating from the GED program, I started a learnership with Private Wealth Consult and SETA doing Financial advisory and intermediary services.

My personal goals would be to get my drivers license and find employment. My ideal job would be to work for Law Enforcement. I would encourage potential students to join the Sozo Foundation, remembering that there is always hope in life. I see Sozo as a place of HOPE.”

– Benjamin Louw

GED Graduate 2021


Join us in creating pathways to employment for youth in South Africa