Tyron’s Story

From dropout to successful barista and entrepreneur: Tyron shares his inspiring journey of resilience and determination.


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My name is Tyron, and my journey is a testament to resilience in the heart of a community shadowed by the spectre of gangsterism and violence. The future seemed bleak when I dropped out of school in Grade 10. Yet, guided by my parents’ insistence that I find a job, I stumbled upon The Sozo Foundation during a neighbourhood stroll. Enrolling in their Barista Course ignited a passion I never knew existed.

Despite the challenges of my environment, I persevered. The Sozo Foundation became my refuge, where I honed my coffee-making and customer service skills. With each latte art design mastered and every interaction with a customer, my confidence grew.

But life had more tests in store. The COVID-19 pandemic brought unexpected hardship, leading to the loss of my job. Determined to support my family, I turned to my innate creativity. From crafting cards to exploring other income streams, I refused to let adversity defeat me.

Through it all, one dream burned bright within me: to start a family business, a haven of warmth and community serving coffee and meals. It’s a dream born from resilience, fuelled by determination and unwavering belief that with hard work, anything is possible.

To the youth facing similar struggles in our community, I offer this advice: seize every opportunity, rise above your circumstances, and never lose sight of your dreams. My journey is a testament to the power of resilience and the unwavering belief that with perseverance, we can overcome any obstacle that stands in our way.

– Tyron Kivido, Barista Skills School


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