Zoe’s Story

Read Zoe’s inspiring journey from student to Junior Hair Facilitator at Sozo Foundation’s vocational skills program.


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Zoe Hendricks, a 2022 Hair and Beauty graduate of Sozo Foundation’s Skill School, continues to inspire us all with her journey of growth and transformation within our programme. Hailing from Mitchells Plain, Zoe found herself at a crossroads before discovering the Sozo Hair Skill School. Fueled by her passion for hairdressing, she seized the opportunity to learn and grow with us.

Reflecting on her journey, Zoe describes her time at Sozo as nothing short of amazing. It was here that she not only honed her craft but also blossomed as an individual. During her tenure at Sozo, Zoe’s personal growth was palpable. She developed essential communication skills and gained the confidence to empower others.

Zoe’s journey didn’t end with graduation; it marked the beginning of her professional career. She worked at a local hair salon in Mitchells Plain, demonstrating her newly acquired skills and expertise. However, fate had more in store for Zoe.

In April 2022, a call from Sozo Foundation presented her with an exciting opportunity to serve as an Intern in the Hair School. Zoe accepted the offer wholeheartedly and embarked on a fulfilling journey. As an Intern, Zoe thrived in her role, creating a comfortable and nurturing learning environment for our students and helping them grow and develop.

Zoe’s journey at Sozo has taken an exciting turn. Following her successful application, Zoe now serves as a Junior Hair Facilitator, a role she has embraced with enthusiasm and dedication. In this capacity, she plays a pivotal role in the classroom, guiding and training the next generation of aspiring hairdressers. This journey is a testament to the transformative power of the Sozo Foundation’s vocational skills programme, turning dreams into realities, one student at a time.

In her ongoing role as a Junior Hair Facilitator, Zoe continues to inspire our students with her story of growth, determination, and success. Her journey is a living testament to the impact of Sozo Foundation’s programmes, offering hope and opportunities to young individuals like Zoe who aspire to change their lives and their communities.

Through her ongoing work at Sozo, Zoe is not only building her own future but also helping others realize their potential, fostering a cycle of empowerment that will undoubtedly leave a lasting legacy.


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